Humanité, the Beloved Community - Film

A New Film From Kirk Whalum

November 13, 2019

Not only has Kirk Whalum returned with a new spectacular album but he also gives us a Christmas present in the form of a film. Humanité, the Beloved Community. The film documents Kirk's journey collaborating with artists around the globe for Humanité the album.

                       "Woven from the words, stories, and original melodies of an incredibly diverse cast, 'Humanité, the beloved community,' channels the ethos of civil rights in a raw and compassionate tale of harmony in a divisive world." - Official Press Release

                       "I am captivated by Kirk Whalum’s personal journey, and how his message and art resonates with young musicians from all parts of the world who continue to struggle for equality. In their journey together, I saw a picture of what MLK described as "the beloved community." It is a privilege to bring that picture to a global audience. I believe it can provide us all with a renewed hope in each other."      - Jim Hanon (Director)

I really suggest listening to Humanité if you have not already. It is a beautiful album and I look forward to seeing the companion Humanité, the beloved community. You can download the detailed and artistic press release here and watch the trailer below. 



Kirk Whalum, James Mc Millan, Zahara, Afgan, Barry Likumahuma, Liane Carroll, Grace Sahertian, Kaziva Mutwa, Keiko Matsui and the KW Band.

Filmed in Tokyo, Jakarta, Nairobi, Johannesburg, Hastings England and Memphis Tennesse.

1:07 minutes