New Video: Chris Standring's "Love Street"


January 30, 2018

Due to technical difficulties I'm not on the air with you this week but I'm still on the grind! Chris Standring is back with new music from Sunlight, a new album to be released on March 23rd. Check out the diescription from

"Celebrating an extraordinary and prolific 20 years since the release of his debut album Velvet, Chris Standring once again spins his trademark retro-meets-modern vibes in fresh and unexpected directions to create the perfect antidote for these daunting, uncertain times - a powerful, melodic and rhythmically infectious burst of Sunlight. A bright, ambitious soul-jazz experience featuring multiple soloists including legendary pianist Bob James, and British soul singer Mica Paris, Sunlight draws on Standring's trademark, slightly off the beaten path urban jazz artistry infusing elements of classic soul, cool jazz and some fine jazz guitar playing."


Watch Love Street from Chris Standring below:


Until next time, keep it smooth and keep it easy.