San Diego Zoo Global Receives Recycler of the Year Award from City of San Diego

May 14, 2019

San Diego Zoo Global

San Diego Zoo Global has been presented with a Recycler of the Year award by the city of San Diego, in recognition of the organization’s successful and innovative recycling program. The Recycler of the Year awards, now in their 27th year, were presented by the city’s Environmental Services Department during a ceremony at the San Diego Central Library.

The SDZG programs include composting food waste, using a green-certified laundry for staff uniforms and instituting an ongoing change-out program for LED lighting fixtures.

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“San Diego Zoo Global continues to implement new methods to increase our diversion of materials going to local landfills and to encourage guests to do the same,” said Adam Ringler, director of performance improvement at San Diego Zoo Global. “At our San Diego Zoo facility, we worked closely with Summer Camp kids in 2018, to encourage zero waste after finishing their lunches by limiting plastic, and using recyclable and compostable methods for disposal. Kids in camp were also taught the importance of bringing refillable water bottles, so plastic can be reduced.”

San Diego Zoo Global

The Recycler of the Year Awards are designed to help San Diego achieve its Climate Action Plan and Zero Waste goals. With the ultimate goal of having zero waste end up in landfills by 2040, the Climate Action Plan is working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the city by 50 percent and to generate all electricity used in the city from renewable sources by 2035. Similarly, the city's Zero Waste Plan established intermediate goals of diverting 75 percent of all trash by 2020 and 90 percent by 2035.

As an international nonprofit organization, San Diego Zoo Global works to fight extinction through conservation efforts for plants and animals worldwide. With a history of leadership in species recovery and animal care, San Diego Zoo Global works with partners in science-based field programs on six continents, and maintains sanctuaries and public education facilities in many places. Inspiring a passion for nature is critical to saving species, and San Diego Zoo Global’s outreach efforts share the wonder of wildlife with millions of people every year. Current major conservation initiatives include fighting wildlife trafficking and the impacts of climate change on wildlife species; broad-spectrum species and habitat protection efforts in Kenya, in Peru and on islands worldwide; preventing extinction in our own backyard; and expanding efforts to bank critical genetic resources and apply them to the conservation of critically endangered species.