SD native Rob Machado Launches 100% Biodegradable Cooler

April 23, 2019

A proud San Diego son, amazing surfer and all around "good dude" Rob Machado is helping launch the first 100% biodegradable cooler.

The timing could not be better as San Diego recently banned styrafoam coolers at beaches, and will soon ban single use styrofoam and plastic throughout the city.

The ocean is projected to have more plastic than fish by 2050 and every little bit to cut down helps. Whether your a surfer, a fisher, a boogey/body boarder or someone who just likes to enjoy a cold one stairing at the sunset, all San Diegans have a connection to the ocean and protecting it is a worthy cause.

Just in time for #EarthDay our friends @adventuresportsnetwork put together an interview with Rob on the foundation and his help with launching, RECOOL by @igloocoolers, a compostable cooler built entirely from biodegradable materials. Anyone who spends time at the beach sees how much styrofoam and plastic there is in the sand. “Change needs to happen and this cooler is that change. Single-use styrofoam coolers should simply not exist anymore.” RECOOL was created as an inexpensive and environmentally conscious alternative to single-use foam coolers--and it's also reusable! Link in our bio to read more on the #RECOOL movement. And please remember this EARTH DAY and EVERY DAY, that all of the little things that we can do to help protect our environment, add up to big things when we do it together! ------

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The plant based Igloo cooler dubbed "RECOOL" will retail for only $9.95 and is available at REI stores starting May 1st.