Socal Baseball Team Rebrands as "California Burritos"

For one Night Only

May 13, 2019

For one fatefull night, a Socal minor league baseball team will pack some fries into their carne asada burritos and rebrand as the "California Burritos." The San Bernardino Inland Empires 66ers, an Angels AA affiliate  will wear custom uniforms, donning a fry spilling burrito on their cap as well as put together a custom menu paired with "Drive Thru" play by play(whatever that means) on May 25th.

The California burrito is a staple here in San Diego, and while the 66ers play outside of our county borders, it is the "California" burrito so we will give our neighbors to the north a pass. 

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"Growing up in the Inland Empire, California Burritos were always a go-to. So, we found a unique and fun way to tie it in to Minor League Baseball," said 66ers General Manager Joe Hudson. "And who doesn't love a good burrito."

Recently, the Padres El Paso affiliate took their own mouth-watering turn to rebrand for the MiLB's Copa Cup, transforming into the El Paso Margaritas for a limited run.

Coming to you on May 25th at San Manuel Stadium, the California Burritos. #ComeHungry #CaliforniaBurritos #FueledByFun To pre-order your Cali Burrito hat, visit our website. To read the full press release, click the link in our Bio.

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