Win Tickets to Smooth Jazz KIFM Night at SeaWorld


Enter to win tickets to Smooth Jazz KIFM night at SeaWorld San Diego, Friday, June 21st from 4p-10p, brought to you by Mossy Nissan.

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This is a special evening for our listeners to experience everything SeaWorld has to offer including the new Tidal Twister!

Ride the Tide Now! Feel the thrill of this unique dueling roller coaster ride featuring high-speed turns and upside-down twists.  Introducing Tidal Twister, an all-new dueling roller coaster, now open at SeaWorld San Diego! The first of its kind in the world, this unique ride is an exhilarating experience that demonstrates the power of the ocean.

Accelerating to 30 mph, riders twist and bank as if they are riding the tide along a tight figure-8 track that includes dynamic Zero-G roll at the center section.

Two trains, holding 16 passengers each, load at opposite ends of the figure-8 and cross in the center with guests facing both forward and backward on the trains. A lower-height requirement (48") makes this a perfect ride for younger guests and families.