Ahmed-Paula Atherton Sat Session Interview

Friday, October 6th

Saxophonist Paula Atherton talks with Smooth Jazz After Dark Host Ahmed Dents.

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You're listening to smooth jazz K I FM streaming live. K FM dot com is on mid dance on the Saturday session thank you so much for him now with the same or. Early Saturday session spotlight is with Paula at the ten. Paula how you doing. You re sorry that certain certain thought my god the president sort or. All right you know he did big deal it's just timing down right fifth effects are apple and food also need to get things came here did it for Africa. What we'd be going back and forth on base before while those funny you'd be able to talk to you. And he's asked you what's going on Al's first of all how's life treating you these days. It could have been really busy lately. Finally finished. All the stress almond CD. And this photo shoot didn't really kick recovery. They called the island is just barely keep up. You know figure everything out put together and keep the person who will be out January. In January and was the name of the CD. But only quote unquote shaking OK. Behind. And you know you know what the first single will be. Knowing that you between a couple of them Latin. Guess I'm on the recording Anthony Grant you done it. Fickle you know is on it and you wrote a song for the recording. Which is really nice. And they love this on their does it feel it is on their and he co produce. One of the songs. Com. Built it from the gripping thin people they're ripping things up Coca you can feel it means he's done it. They feel on the keyboard player from the and I shown drinking my hands on it. Okay very nice desk. Okay all right so the first thing you'll be dropped in around January won't. I'll walk properly at January. All right and you have to write happy with these good to go. Yeah yeah. You know it's funny at times is the and then he might fit right or really so. It's just let it become a gift that he and the record I feel like I really feel it right in you know they have. You're writing a whole other. You know record all over again from. I let its songs on the fun is mostly light it up central funky. Five recording. I think it's I think it's fun to put some recording I think people like it. And could well. I would definitely be looking elf forward and hopefully you ran January I'll be doing another new music Saturday with Paula since she keeps playing this effect. So what's going on I've you don't realize you are you on the road he now on the role assume you do a tour with down. I certainly will bomb. I'm thinking that they can make you now I have a couple of things. Still the cheers. This particular following multiple. I feel lost date has kind of like all over the place on then. It really angry time. This month of October coming up and get over one unfunded right yes. Yes hunger which are currently adopted me. Yeah this it's yet I can't believe it is here. Just the list goes to put the runaway train. A man who lives. Or October 9. And then. If the fund raiser for the appointment of course. Nicole passed the heels. And that's gonna be put broken spoke in Nashville Tennessean overnight. And then not total for the 21. I'm an idiot John Martin. In Colorado Springs, Colorado. On indicate there was thought Tony cook them. I don't hear them now yet. Again ask obvious story there. Fifth effect if I let the guys will require a pick us on the fly here on I think it was the might have been website you're faced looking for Tony messenger and he used as he walked yeah I love Tony Tony's great uses his guns armored accidents that can you guys go watch. And then a couple of years ago is both be it plaintiffs in Egypt festival and down. Daily public except Ali at the end everybody comes out clean on stage yet there's so I was really fun. Down. This food gets jam a little bit together. Now bet I would pay to see. This is smooth jazz K I am a fan I mean you are listening to these Saturday session spotlight my name is I'm against him in the spotlight this week. We are talking to Paula after attending as a new CD getting ready to drop at the beginning of 2018. Now you said this is coming up this is going to be your fifth album. What inspired you from ass to kick into music and in the piggyback on that to go will be smooth jazz route. On the Cuomo good recording. Well I started singer so. You know I really attractive to. Eleven record that Ella FitzGerald Amanda Hendrix who lost. A little hurt so look for on kids both the group says that and can't seek to charge what they single instrument you know you can't put words to them. And then you know hearing Charlie Parker and but they're young and you know some traditional players. Just and you want to learn. What it was it was doing. They're hot hot if they get how to go about doing it you know want to understand it. So it's it's kind of tried my own thing really hit home. Home even though I did learn a lot. But just seeing is that the font traditional jazz music room filled play. All wanna lose the right. If that really. Reflects that it came out more life. A combination of all the different type music that I that I like which. Failure here local score B and don't you think in my writing in Latin and you couldn't get some traditional jet bound infineon also thought them. You know even pop music film you know you hear all the elements to narrow. Things that I've experienced in my life and disinfectant is that I life. Yell at their Latin found dead rice and beans on enjoy the ride up dead yeah gotta get your movie not to assist deal when he listens to them are. Although that's Cuba we know what made you get into music and as far as work is. What is the muse for you if there is one what is that being with the music isn't just the pure love for the music they keep going or is there anything else that serves as a means to keep going. Music. Com. One thing that I have really not about music and especially going up performance is connecting with people. A lot of times people will come up for me and and say you know. I would have like a really big. Feeling down on it and I came to you and he just made me happy you know you thought I had such a fun time thank you end. You know things like. You know you can make it different from the world of difference in someone's life. Is it that you can't immediately think something like that and no it's kind of like. So we're able to put your feelings. And only. You know thoughts that have musical thought that you have been putting everything together. So when you can put that music out there people hear it and they appreciated and loved it it if it's really give it a wonderful thing. That's right that's right. Well currently right now as we're recording this you have big monster trek. That you performed on with Cindy Bradley girl talk. What was your relationship with Cindy what brought about this particular there collaboration you feel about. That's the need to be your friend of mine. We really good friends on Heath plays. It looked pretty played. Ryan. And Clinton years candy. And now she played. Take it. We have her day of the year in combat this right and yeah. And we got beaten them they can get there we've played the new front suggests that only Jersey couple years ago. All we know play. Commitment to dance club in Harlem New York some years ago. I think realize we played BB king's in New York. An employee within the European plagued them do it. Anyway Colombia than she did say about her and her producer. I'm on the track and I think on the whole recording on gave it man. We're working on a phone call girls gone. And she really wanted to be whoever you know between trump infect people. And I spoke with a great idea you know yeah. So he couldn't vote for me and you know we went back and forth who did and down. The label the label to this second single and this week at number two. He is a Spaniard that Spain it. Is the monster you guys do it. If I don't do it got better and better as a great great track and and appropriate for the domain a great track. Actually I loved it since it's doing. I'm very Williams who just came out. So. I know you get ready to you're you're you got some games coming up the name you'll be going out on tour. For the new album shaky coming out to begin the year and I know you are just a San Diego not too long ago. Just for our local listeners because we have a huge hungry smooth jazz fan base here what do you world what do you like about San Diego kimono. Think Diego's. Like a magical place for a fifth time. Right I at all I have with San Diego native and I have gone nowhere yes he's a magical place. I've just colliding there I think he says when I was there and I played that the Mediterranean and armed. The crowd there yes. A bit. And years ago. Home. So it loses game Diego. I Joel Sherman held. TV show at 9 o'clock LE. The right ingredients that they did that. That was in the morning 9 AM so I had the it straight up in the media don't have. Quote expert who is standing around here at your drive chanted outside the end morning. And then it's scary I think this TV show. Com. I had to drive back and I got stuck in traffic load. Up with me about four hours effect yeah it's like yeah. Think that the likelihood of all of this go away with it there's no way around with it I was brought it up. Did this did not as that's no yes yes duke just moved to San Diego LA trafficking are yet to be a good day it's good for for a half hour. Or you can get back in the foot flight data sitting in the car. There. You're listening to smooth jazz KIF and streamed live. I am dot com and this is the Saturday session spotlight. And we're talking to none other than Paula Atherton. Well you know you have performed with the biggest and brightest names in the industry. Who is who who are more polished favorites they're she likes to listen to what CD's do you like. A little bit and mourn them. I listen to let my friend Kelly and those will be recording nick probably own. And I either until a lot of other different type music I was in the traditional jazz orchestra performs with Charlie Parker or George Clinton pat Martino. And who. You know suddenly this but I don't listen to pop music sky. I was just listening to. John Mayer's new. Wouldn't execute great at home Michael McDonald newly executed Corey and all things panel as well within our budget I wanna get a haven't look for that yet but I love you know. But I'm concerned this is either you know music is if Jeter greater arms forbid if it's good I like it come. That's right I heard that fit that if was sake it is going to be your fifth album and out of the form that have already been released on notices that the people who were loaded question but. Is there a favorite out of any of before. Well. Well. It's like if you have children enough that boat and then a couple of bright that that the focus to the stupidest shot excuse at all. Say that little bit. I think Ellen to let me just kind of near and dear my heart because it. It was. I made my own lesson label on that particular one I believe that myself. Learn head table that sort of stuff out of the person that. Stop yeah I got a very nice distribution deal on that recording and the person that shocked to hear from me. Was someone from beyond that had been music in the music industry in the record industry for our longtime friend named or not. And gum. He kind of like probably vote for him do things and. I was my real first radio campaigns. I thought that one thing belonged first. At least but I didn't really know what soon. So that was a couple of the first time I am. You know I really believe something in and do everything everything myself. I have I think it was 21 different musicians played on that recording career again on man. I can't remember because some sort of confirmed to cordon. Q news she was gone there I love people home. So that one's probably would be ten years in my heart because you bet. You know you can get attached to all of them and I put a lot of myself than enthused. You know every record that I do is take prize money doing enough. Try to you know make it in the decade convened. Soul you know fun. I'm not. I'm I'm proud of incredible them. Okay that's for a desk I new evidence would come back you're proud of all of whom would you not that's them fifa. Well I'm gonna direct everybody to your website Paul Atherton dot com here is everything we hear everybody needs to know. Look at photos we have all of your. All of you see all of your albums. The pilot accident dot com we have come through with him like he says you can really got a couple of dates in October. And pinned their new album shaking it at the beginning of the year. Right everybody heard this ticket coming up at the beginning of the year and best believe violent music spotlight for you coming up on won't let you forget about it. Paula I just wanna say again thank you so much for taking time to talk to listen everybody hears from JFK I asked him. And we will be on the lookout for a shaky at the beginning of the year. But wonderful thank diplomacy ahead in the on everybody else seen that done. I have a couple of FaceBook pages and put and think the Graham so he couldn't put me up sustained because she and I can't we come back out by useful. I hope we wouldn't send my baby in the first quarter when he came in freezing New York. I would would try to make that happen. It could expect they want to get quick food if if quicker picker. Who would do it's it will get jet that co would you judge here who have you know we'll get you on here in winter time lifting due to some of their 75 degrees stuff. Especially. They're Republican pick you so much a greatly appreciate it thank you are great aren't you two breaks. You have been listening to the Saturday session spotlight was on aptitude and a smooth jazz Katie I have been. Remember Paula out Putin's new CP shaky. Due for release in early 2018. With the first single released in early January. As 2018. Hit on over to Paula after ten dot com for everything you need to know about Obama and the following her FaceBook page. Paula attitude and to follow her on Twitter. 101. Again my name is on the DNC can catch me every weeknight in smooth jazz after dark from 7 PM until midnight on smooth jazz K I asked him. Also you can catch me every Saturday morning from 10 AM to 2 PM. And the Saturday sessions. You can listen to your favorite smooth jazz tracks 24 hours a day K I have been dot com you can. Can download free smooth jets K are at the map. From iTunes store or who play story. My name's on the against thanking you for hanging out and we will talk to again very soon.