Ahmed Talks To Bobby Caldwell

Tuesday, August 8th

Bobby Caldwell, one of the stars of 'Jazz Under the Stars' talks to Ahmed...

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Good evening my name is on newsstands and this is smooth jazz after dark smooth jazz K I have him. Should realize OK hi FN dot com right now I have the pleasure. Oh speaking to be true musical legend mr. Bobby Conn will how you doing today circle I'm real ripper they'll come great good again thank you for hanging now what does. Now I know you are on. You give familiar a tour and begin radio take off and you're getting ready to go to Japan and Michael rest. Correct I know you have a huge following week in Japan were. I ignore the rental we we go like Warren took two times for years. Understand how we're going twice a year so bombed the stance hurt me knows that the man fans thank god prevent us. Gloria we all we we want demanded their draft pick different varieties. Now you've been doing this for well over 2500 who have traveled the world I didn't realize that your songs have been used in the we're like oh well more than thirty movies and TV shows what does that say to yourself about how expensive your work is it. Influences tat on just generally eligible. First off thanks Thursday and it only been 45 years. Don't put out orders and that's who I believe you me and Mike today he hum what to do remain. I think it's that had been in and not show it like and the fact that. There's still a demand you know we just didn't performance as we don't know if spirit. It's a god send. What else to let them. This is smooth jazz after dark smooth jazz K I am punishment in my case I FN dot com have a conversation with the smooth jazz soul and RB ha ha well. You're left out was cool uncle would jets last. And I'm looking at duke head they just were rising different type back Sunday he had single marine. Denise Williams how to dad come on yup I'm a big he's Williams fans. From her top of the list here for the boys or guys who work there will be tomorrow working with more contemporary artists and the arm of the you know watching work more outside than me. Personally think if they carmike. It's particular instance. None of it's always the other team and that's what exactly you know that technology comes down to grind. There has to do what you don't even know high note below and everything come to go to it is hard in my accent. At least at the bar in my apps don't Tom. But that's the way I would want a repeat. It just the way things are now from everyone's got their loans to get it over God's. We can finals. Life but you know what that all about. Britney goes it's just there's not enough like. This gal right I mean he has the authority to either. I'd like you said I prepared this report as did you have to. We'll emaciated just got out there is do you only do. You know and play you know a great place for us everywhere contributed to spark it's. So willingly. And I knew I could Caribbean result. A lot of fun and he sounds like it's been to have member of the date equity business you know really rewarding. Obviously smooth jazz at. Sweeney JFK and I asked him. Streaming library KI NN dot com 24 there's even are talking to imagine myself. But god well let's talk about that what you won't do for you bet they'll all just seems to be timeless. It seems to be loved by anybody who has any genre. Would do something special about that particular recording that you knew this. No no and a half the suspect there's no way I was just accused I would like who you know will be many years you know. Corruption out of it Banda. No I had no idea. What we have no idea with the head north that I have an idea that. It would go on behalf awarded its patented its. Amazing. Just amazing the amount of a reported per Hitler there and it's just didn't say. Who says that our TJ FK I asked them. Have a conversation with mr. Cronkite will probably come back to San Diego to work smooth jazz came on FM how does that. We'll have a long a long relationship with prayer event. Since. They who they believe that this thing can come back yard good games. Good days bad days yeah. I didn't have to worry so this is just the way is this number what I tell you what. Com I have always catch. Like Emily didn't destroy. Them they've always been good to me. I'm sure in the are now and are responsible for me establishing myself as the the mood guarantor of the. Am very very interesting well you know you're coming back to San Diego August 12 through playing. Polishing up starlight theatre along with foreign affair coming in your own Michelman. Mark and one that you perform with you gentlemen on tour. Absolutely hate mail all the formally guys mark Alex Hall all the we have a relationship there and I enjoy it just even being in their breakfast you know last week markets want and Mike Nichols is his hair and a watch a film Michael Vick might Panthers sometimes you don't want to welcome many saxophone players that. Came from mark and Tony was one day cognitive matters that should Elliot Michael link didn't listen to they all that it tenure there are groups. It's clear. Talk to Bob because well Bonnie is coming to San Diego August 12 Paula casino starlight theatre jazz and stars along with Michael Lincoln. Markets Juan and Alex whom you don't. What is it if there is anything that you love about America's finest city San Diego. Well I I lived there for many years I live and it's an independent Carl Benton. I've raised my young twin daughters to be age I guess about. Four or five. It was a great place you know at least to grow you know raise children at this point crimes like. Armed might end up having a move to Las Vegas because of the rat pack burning bright bright. When I was there hey it was just like a gorgeous city. Steelers today is that as far as I'm concerned it's just a little bit crowded. It has. There is still obese but everybody moves here you know goes on people most people move feared they don't think. Did you put guys aren't they let and everyone knows all your listeners know you can't find some better weather in the rural nowhere. That is India. Even if you do test of something I think a lot of people don't know that you actually need to Frank Sinatra. It was how was that he had hands before it was caught them because we were in a lot bigger he sport certainly they. Don't know right time and of course he Winborn you don't feel good grand hotel and it played. But. The production was. Brokeback. Everything was like. Early sixties we get this cigarette girl. It's still the right boxes we have alive orchestra that's fine it was the only light orchestra on the strip. And I was always 2000. There we were doing a transcript from this show there were a fact is this do the old senators Obama and so we had a ball doing it. Cannot tell you what. Yeah I asked this year and a half and it was it was time for me to move on and com hopefully yes I just came up we had a blast. Still that's a we'll Bobby look I don't wanna keep too long I know you are busy man I would like to say on behalf of smooth jazz came under them in behalf of everybody in San Diego. Thank you very much Clinton time. With this and do appreciated. She wants August 12 that palm casino. My feeling well and MarketWatch gave up and running for the ref not need you might realize that you. Well that wraps up our conversation we sold our defense. It's not coming coming to San Diego August 12 that public casino starlight. Ask under the stars you can pop icon with a they're comprised Michael. Mark it's funky music and I. We are constantly. Lieutenant Jeff dark every weeknight. Smooth jazz came. He. Yeah. Don't you can download it free for. Isn't it.