Dave Koz Interview w/ Kelly Danek

Thursday, December 7th

Dave Koz chats with ourn own Kelly Danek about touring with his good friends, David Benoit and Rick Braun and looking back on 20 years...

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It cost. The city it's Kelly Dan it. I'm going to be here aren't going to be your interviewer and have won a start to throw quick before we go labs are recording I we have a couple mutual friends I had no Tony sixty and Tom Burson. Are terrible aren't pretty. Tony Tony was my instructor when I first got into radio almost nine years ago so I'm. I studied at the feet of a master. Boy you had very get a very good teacher got masters is true it's I've learned so much from from Tony and pop from Tom to. And the same boat there. Yep absolutely well yelled we're gonna if you're ready we're gonna start recording and yeah we messed up we just go in an edit the stuff we'll go and and the stuff later pricing me. OK some good deal thank you over us for a keynote well we're gonna we're gonna get rolling here then I'll start of the intro here and than world. Go from there. All right so he's checked out okay. Bryce Aaron. I'm Kelly Danica on KI FM ninety point 1862. When we're talking a date 'cause he'll be in San Diego Balboa theatre Thursday December 14. Dave I know you're performing this evening so we really appreciate carbon outs and time for us today how are you today. I am doing great thank you carrying a hypocrisy you happy holidays you're new listeners can essentially invited to be. Were really excited to cover the San Diego credentials so at the. Yeah you are busy guy and I just wanna say off that right up that congratulations on Dave cause and friends twentieth anniversary Christmas. A picnic yet it's made. When I hear you say that it's still shocks me out. How we've done that for twenty years straight but circus or would you think happened twenty years consecutively so I'm very very grateful. Until the gratitude. And it seems that the fans have been not wait to our audience hasn't been huge cross country. This started about that too weak to go and weren't full full swing now through the midwest and worse slowly but surely making her way. To the West Coast were were were we're gonna warm up a little particulates that freak out here but it feels like Christmas at the club. Yeah I was gonna ask you about that huddle whether you're in Detroit right now. Right right yeah Trey look you got some nice weather underway in Korea. Oh with a very good at will be will be a very happy to see it put an arm coming out to the whole feeling of being scholarly tour. Having the cold weather we we started in Florida so it was kind of strange way to critics or. Beautiful 75 degrees. But now get the real good taste of from the holidays and then December. And but the there's been a very special tour. Reuniting with he out for the four of us for people who kind of really started this tour twenty years ago and that's David Benoit. Peter white Rick bronze and myself. And that we're introducing you populists. Yahoo! local has to. It is comes from musical that your father is Gerald Albright great tactical error occurred in the Selena Albright so the final look at the chiller ban that the on the road for the last couple of weeks naked people hopefully make people happy and putting in the Christmas spirit we can't wait to make it happen for San Diego's well. Absolutely well I have to listen to the album and a tea Selena is. She's she's amazing. Outstanding mean along with being second generation. On music musician she has got an outstanding portfolio of her own deathly brings a lot the table you yourself have worked with. Numerous vocalist Dave how did you go about your decision to bring Selena on board for the tour. Always wanted somebody young and new because so that for about certain opt it and it wouldn't lead and gasoline have be to the bunch of for old guys at this stage so we needed some used. And so young talent I've always been announced that's been where Mike Montrose in is in professionally is to. I'll be content could there are so many people that helped me when I was executed just starting now the current saw something in these other that I did in my soul man. So that's cabana Matra for me is to always be. Introducing new who. We haven't established audience has to come into these shows strong partner ready to eat. Love it written that followed with a new artists and that's exactly what's been happening with Selena. She comes out saying she's into barges up there in the album but her big moment is. Sing the song that we did comment on the album track temperature Christmas album. And that is the governing. Version of have yourself a merry little Christmas and night after night it's the biggest. Probable cause that we get. It is Percy that song that she just absolutely. Totally entering. It it did did brought tears. It's at she just nailed it beautifully. Yeah yeah yeah and that's the got a great song these songs do. It's interesting Kelly to mean. Around the holidays we'd leave all wanna hear the same music it's it's very strange because. New music people try to release in Christmas socks. But they just don't catch fire the way that the cost 61. So we we wanna hear those same songs made lucrative 100 crimes read a thousand times over the course of our light orange but. Those are the songs that make it comparable rate they remind us that are packed and a special people would have been an reliance and so they're the songs themselves are almost like relatives of our serve our holiday get togethers so important so emotional and leaning cooks people. So you found on the through the many years of this tour. It just remaining true to the music and respecting me songs from what they are that are so important to people. Absolutely will on the Al alumni you've got up a handful amazing vocalist who kind of bring their own. Magic to each song Javier Cologne Kenny Lattimore Jeffrey Osborne Gabriel arango now are any of these. People going to be touring with few or is Selena gonna take care of those locals. Actually didn't think care most locals in the course. The guys so Rick brought under some singing in the show like decency you showed EQ white. And singing in the show us some that we cover the cover than the material from the album. We do a nice quiche so short segment of the show. The primary focus on the new album we do unto you. The idea that we where would we don't put a horrible but we had good. Actually probably 50% of it over the course eat. Well represented and now but the heavy lifting in terms singing all squarely on Selena shoulders. Because the rest of us and operate whenever it figures we might shake it term papers sixty's cars but that's about it. Well it's pretty amazing though and so with I read a recent article that kind of made me smile it talked about death. We're Dave's cousin friends were affectionately referred to as the wise guys more than wise men when it comes to the end who Christmas tour can you elaborate on that. That is very I didn't concede that the guys feel that that's very accurate count because. It almost is Michael rat pack Christmas that's kind of related fields we know each other for a rusty didn't break and Peter and I have known each other for a very long time. There were more than just friends were there really cram him you've watched each other's kids grow grow grow up and we've been there for a special moments in each other's clients. And we delivered their beliefs houses and so. It's just it's it's delayed more than just friends playing music. And when that happens and you feel that kind of comfort and a relaxed attitude just. I mean these are my brother so we we can joke around in a different way I could different textures so that happens on stage every night. Where we're just kind of float around each other just outlined. And I think that's probably where that comes from and that I think it's very appropriate it works for Christmas time because as. That's what Christmas Lullabot polity as they're about the board should try and beauty and joy and so that's projected from the stage and very authentic. Yeah I did see funny. Video aura of the picture or something it showed you up. Playing in saxophone in David Ben was here it looked like your planet in his ear while is playing the piano. Yes. And that's an honest song of mine called together again and I have to just say that he's a very good score. You look at it. Jumped on his piano bench and I'm surprised they actually can still hear nothing at all in baseball but that's actual plot. Yeah absolutely. Now are you going to be doing some of the Chanukah songs on the store. And we are. And that's one of the great ironies of this tour having gone on for twenty restraint because I'm Jewish. But. It's mandatory. For the memory of my parents to at least have a little bit of Monica music represented Russia so we do you keep that. And we put a couple hundred songs including beat Adam Sandler. Classic and I wrote one years ago that was on. But my very first Christmas I'll call eight candles that. It's very funny to Kelly because there are people who are not Jewish but come up to me after the show and say thank practically can't execute didn't I would the purple tip. And it well you're you're to question the Chicago on our church steps but the response. Well uncertain if I'm sure you've been asked this but not by me so here goes how did a Jewish kid from San Fernando Valley becomes a passionate about Christmas. And the music. What if it's the biggest Grachev for me fear. The original. IKEA for during this tour was stated that wants. And that's just the march of 1990 cent or twenty years ago. And we would talk on the phone you just blocked the parent mom passed away within a week. My dad passed away. And we were on the phone together and just sort of considering a. Actually he came up Garrity says a lot of legal channel this. Emotion into something positive look score puts it shows. Maybe you can that are some people along the way. That's a great idea and we did probably six shows that first year. And the promoters like at the united this back and let back the next year or the year after that that just started to grow. And so I think it you it happened to meet the very natural topic equated Al root problem really. David and I just. Being in that space we wanted to create music that. That would help us cope with a lot of our lives right who leads the holidays is such a very emotional packed. I'm of the year for everybody whether there's very high emotions and some. Some some difficult times for a lot of people who brings a lot of emotions for people so it seemed like it was rooted in that. Very authentic moment and I'll figure it and I am twenty years later still go to. It's it's amazing it's amazing well you know the holidays they can. Can bring up memories and they can also be magical yet stressful for a lot of us and you you've got these two back to back concerts and a TV movie that is airing on Sunday night sharing Christmas. On the Hallmark Channel. Yeah which allow our court because you're going to be performing in Indiana that night. That's right we will I would not be able to watch it live maybe we can figure out how to people announce sponsorship brick. I'm very excited about a little nervous I'll be honest with you because I'm not the act or. But I would approach my homework the people hallmark. And they had these producers sent them anywhere right union should this script it's Christmas and be courtside no idea. How big Christmas movies are on hallmark use massively popular brain and so I was lucky duck. Went right into it for sure he should they said you're gonna have the two main characters go to your concert. I your Christmas concert that part of the show. Part of the movie and I so move the trading. At tightly to public city do you feel it. And these two would lead character is great actors they were. So nice and so warm and welcoming to meet. And they help me with byline screen you're rehearsing for public couple co workers are such good sports. And that we felt that and I haven't seen Kelly so I hope that I didn't get on the cutting room floor or all needed to control. It's coming out it would have its first airing on Sunday how we look at some other area are very excited that look like it's gonna be very sweet. Story about the holidays so I'm very honored to be a part. You could it could open up a whole new career for you. Probably not. Look like can't I I love lines so I have to ask you just real quickly caused wine. IE I have read about this and can you canyon tell us a little bit about it and and the proceeds. Well that we start and make in this wind probably close to ten years ago and it as just sort of I think we wanted to for charity. Op I look what we're the organization called the starlight children's foundation work. Probably close to twenty years now. And there are some incredible organization that helps kids and their families kids that are in the hospital for a long period to our. The burn victims cancer victims leukemia. And I just seen how how what they do attitude to bring some light at levity to kids' lives. With the sort of beat Pitt but there at the hospital per month digitized. So this is an idea to you raise some money for starlight. To combine. The music or with wind and didn't which raised. How Oden and thousands of dollars over the years he continued start like that help Charlie continued its mission through the wind and the how. Quite dark silent auction that we do on cruises we've we've raised the total total tally is over how to billion dollars strip starlet so I'm very proud of that. And what it really you can find it on line. After my web site which gave cut dot com. I'll definitely check it out deadly look. Eyes busy you are what is downtime like for you what do you what do you do for yourself when you've got a little spare time. I'll be sleeping in opposition. Show runners over it makes sense. 46 shows a thirty days there's going to be a significant amount of sleep good not after. We finish. But I have a simple guy when it comes downs that I look to ground go to movies some folks are gonna get eloquent and we try and so look they get out. A local I've got to. Four nieces and treat got two got daughters he got sons and a low I think are with my family. And look to travel to that's. Probably my favorite thing to do it thankfully for what I do living there's a lot of travel the ball. And the farther the better class got them to completely wild places around the world over the years outposts as just the tourist who. And oftentimes and I play my saxophone and I think that that's like the best thing in the end it like steal the travel far away appeared. Ambassador for music. I'm loving it. But it it's a good life it's a good life good lighten the hello we so appreciate your time Dave and we're looking toward a senior in San Diego December 14. Wonderful us to do and in tow very proudly gave it their war Peter white Rick province the lead Albright to a secure repaired. And an amazing crew that. That provides us with the foundation that we can go out there and and do we need to do every single night which cannot be underestimated they are amazing actually people that they could make it happen on a daily pictures so. We're thrilled to become a spectacle gets let quarter. Isn't that the book outlook either look toward you that. Actually we can catcher radio show Saturday mornings on our TI FM 98 point 162. Goes from eight to ten Sunday mornings. Yeah and thank you very much for playing that I really appreciate it so much and great tackler he'll want to wish you. And your listeners have a very very happy and blessed politics she's in the great. How wonderful to hear that there. Same to you Dave thanks so much for your time and we'll see on the fourteenth. Pick you pick the right and I. Lovely.