Keiko Matsui Interview with Ahmed

Wednesday, August 2nd

Keiko talks to Smooth Jazz and Ahmed about her music and MORE! 

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You have been missing like you've been all over the place you just wrapped up a smooth jazz cruise correct. Right here and that I meant is yet if he had and that he's confident there. And now. I'm literally hurts you my band and but it's kicking all tore. In did you are you kicked off in Philadelphia correct. Act yet. It currently the only that I guess that need to be that well. Okay I see and then you're actually heading to Russia and you're coming to the West Coast of course are coming here to San Diego this week. Richard heading also to Russia in March. Yeah it. Nondurable. How happy I was gonna say you you are Qichen offered tours here you're coming to San Diego bit through the east and you're heading to Russia. How do you keep yourself add balance to perform at such a high level with such a is a rigorous schedule. Yeah I think do you theory had been greatly. You don't I'll have a party BNP and rent department yet. I think that will call. I knew there. Feared that Colin and in not like mine and training aid illegal drugs are hoping to be feared it thumping Billy bishop because there it gritty. I can get Clark a good way. Right Iraq. Or to get an early interest in time to be traveling to Russia it's important that it. Now your latest release journey to the heart contains of course the smash single. Moving on but what I wanted to ask you about the song that I really love on the album reviews. Blue rose what was the inspiration Bruno. Love Blu-ray it. We. Are getting. Yeah. The reason behind us. Training never became Guinea an ankle and think about an eight and a good that I correct. Parody and lending money can't do me. Sent them I say imagination is that something that bury you they call. Story behind and that and I. I I was letting my dating back to Getty but that the PGA golf. Thought behind it and I thought that couple and are well Boudreau at our. I eat immediately. Might be good at the blue blue. Is that Campbell all the and he called me up quote apple. Thank anything pocket not equitable Berry in Timberlake is flower. Are you ready yellow line a little bit too road but the big because I'm that somebody who create them. Eight. Actually now we have a blue road eager to have until. I think I got out loud boom roared lucky unity not so well and into the current iMac. I have equity drag it XP only piano and exchange. And I enjoyed Paul. Well it is ideas let me tell you it is a very beautiful orchestra piece mom telling all of our listeners is. They have not come bin dead deep into the album is definitely check out blue rose that is a beautiful piece of work. Think it's. All these yes. Erica measured discover Feagles totally backed in 1987. How do you keep yourself inspired to keep putting now. Such beautiful pieces of art this many years down the road and just keep putting out these just. Beautiful. Pieces of me how do you keep yourself inspired. There are. So I'm really cloying fact that they DAX. Ray this and the team thought and they're meant. IE and I started I didn't. Think that month that Baghdad feel from Mike can't build the road get my music career a clinic to it. The only bad cried and ready film country owed it. And that I get so what it meant and they're grateful to experience it read it I called on the job well completely shocked. Can't. Simply go to Mac and so we're all waiting. For my new album new content and for the help. So they gave me an eighty's and eat diet mean and expect racquet company far. Well that's right I named it. These new album journey to the heart. We had a double meaning of love Asian Cup I myself. And the idea that meaning Asia Jenny do I can attract you. That play name but he got into the heart and that the problem carried that he yanked it might deep rectitude a name because the EU. I could come IndyCar. Well I'll tell you what we greatly appreciated it goes in cycles because of where inspiring New York deftly used by an 'cause with the beautiful work. That's. And install an active baby daddy didn't write music. Well we all greatly appreciated. Now you are coming to San Diego did Saturday February 11 to gunplay and Humphrey's backstage life to show 7:30 AM 930. San Diego is waiting for you we are waiting for you to test now also we become checked you out. But. I don't know how much time you have on a tour this time but when you come to San Diego what if you have time what are things that you like to do here in San Diego when you visit. I stay. And I let me the key. I invaded Iran of course. They don't believe that's a good. And bad and a and a dead this bad. Big chuck. And I eighty I and died eking had. And daddy daddy day. All all year has definitely little Italy yet on his plate and I'll. Current that they have you heard it ain't always great that they are and yet. Lung bank I have been a plumbing that at their count pretty dead and media I guess you think yet. I did I used to play there and I enjoyed commute from the states that are dead and at. Oh again it is them. Again now on the boat and it being choked rubbed at ten mode apple outlook. Over the air and eat and Tina April beautiful and I loved and being up. Well you know we'd love you we are glad you are coming back. We are looking and ordered to seem you do Saturday. And again my latest release is journey to the heart I'm telling everybody that listened to royals blue wrote the song cut at a. All you know EJ did raid on their radio T speak yeah. Opening statements are already upbeat shot. But I think you know pretty darn darn immediate you know that little road. Beautiful piece and you don't. We'll take all I don't wanna keep it too long I know you're very busy but on behalf of all of the listeners here in San Diego for smooth jazz KIF and we thank you very much for taking the time to talk to us. Thank you opening my immunity you rip apart. The old definitely and we will see you do Saturday Humphrey's backstage life. All right Dan Dickau have a good one.