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Thursday, May 24th

Smooth Jazz After Dark: Ahmed speaks with Kevin Toney, Reggie Calloway, and Dominique Toney.

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Move. By lets you that's right I enjoyed today on the ball. By now that is it Kevin told me of blackbirds were all talking red Callaway at midnight our hope we will be joined the call. Bogged down in the Tony. Well let me start by well me Caribbean and Reggie outdoor day. Or grade glioma a problem here. Mr. wonderful can't wait to won't. You get down and Diego the next day. Bell right it's Saturday may pick the jet with a creek at the market creek plant our computers pretend you're with Abdul. And that show art showcase artists. This this coming show will be guitarist. Julian Bond. And we also have the budget showcase. Featured ray Parker junior kept on the rich Conway Callaway. And special guest double B Tony and I have Reggie at camp at all right now and I object first one again it got. San Diego thank you pick in the armed cult to meet today and see whatever year that this. And again a big thank you coming out and no war eagle or just wanna say hey look of one on what you have to when are you really care of your cabinet that he. Yeah I think at. The gauntlet at the plate and do it with a couple common two. San Diego when. I cannot incredible show that it's always honor. Play with my god can only got you can report incur and go to so much music. The correctional it would have been. Robert Wood right now number I didn't writing new music and performing and but there aren't good financial industry colonel who accuse it. Not a fun little project we can we get the whole industry. Go along and not doable thing. Right right right. Kevin you Q what do you go to Cuba. Well Bob Dylan agree with him. Her uncle work that you did is going to be a joy to and one bogey. Great Parker my daughter. I've known way. Because I was in high school too great but we've been. You know we met and music school of music class. You know we've been playing music together and then. We've now long history together. I played on his. I played in music and stand. Back in the day when Butler who recording. Or Parker had his records out. IA. I used to hire away completely on. On the wipers should go eat a little while you know that is. Some of the other current problem I'm excited you know we we could get into again. What Reggie I've known that music for. Years I mean before white and blue ridge was here. These lone operator. That. Urgency. Pocket. And how calm. How how prompt it will help that that indicated that laws they have also an element of how we know. That. So I'm excited you know you know we're in the room and on that mid. Year. He was. It was just a pleasure you know just giving him and we need to click away. Friends and Brothers. Read to you about them going with. Sound royalties. Some things that we didn't commit don't remember a number of different level. So while home equity you know we're going to. Be playing until this music is a lot of music could be a lot of art. Body of work in this it is it is historic agreement in each and every one of them have a pardon the history of American music and certainly black so is going to be exceptionally and that results. Right that's right now. So what I am hearing is that I should be rewarding people. I know they can bring speed encryption chair and go out what they're not gonna meet. They're gonna talk about it security get no bigger bolder they're gonna dance and my record that would that would pictured or. And it. And at the yeah. Oh. Yeah you know will be O. You know and you know go the woman you love me song. Let's get but now. There. You look at it is unique. Home. Experience that. You know we still compliment there. And so right now they're gonna go. Opposition. And you know I in my ear cup you know all the to what you want to let me. Well. I. At that point you know I think that was. You know we talk about. Can't come by kick back and a lot of work. Can't remember and I'll culled from. A local relationship that. Imitation. You know cannon ball or what but come from college. Which which college. And you know and I don't burdens when my commitment for the careers and have come up to extra legal guys have your. Come teach them. Off. All of what we're joined now well. Eight. I adore about what you'd step in data to be albeit everybody. I did not know what was it looked at but I pat on the back. Let dumbed down all the noise well call it there so the joy of life by. By Kevin Tony daughter we call it red Callaway. Dhabi we were just talk about so commit a Saturday I'll talk in the Reggie. Keppinger about your experience there has written up about. You're experienced the new because what people can expect those Saturday and you know who's looking for you all become a year. We all going to be a good traveled got a lot that it people who look at or all of you that states. I'll bet opt them or are really really excited. It will work work work but at. You know as as weird but you am I happy that the dance and we're gonna. Have all been kicked back in QQ where. Every you know a bit before we should be that should be up wanna ask the question before all right now how. How how how much of all you want to get over the years. Is this the first title all you people want to get there are law law. You don't want who are like you know what what about that day. Donald going to come. Are part time performing at arrow. Every little bit. Are very very high. I know my dad I have been performing that time and over the last. You believe you know kept in. Years but this is the first time we'll get to play recchi. Yeah I. But I are you a. And as you appeared on the scene. Along with the bad into the interior. Cozy place here in Los Angeles total. Enjoy it back to show. But also which can. Only on another level. Spiritually. Pockets of these would really cost to Geithner and his church. Doing some music it's Lewis speaking to. We go back. We touchstone in a lot of our commonalities. Including the kitten. For top form with Arkansas. Publicly when I have read on the other. Number. Shows or true could look alike but Michael had. But consumer. I know there are different opposition who can we do things together and map out probably could have. You know we can't get too cute to give up the rays wouldn't get too close to play it. But I don't look. You know when. Well again we are real or at all. On stage this week in a law we guitarist Julian bomb we've not yet. A very special you know I remember at about week or be at jet that creek last year and it spectacular show. Talk law as you come in but don't come in and nick what do you adequately. Do you gauger what usual upcoming war in San Diego. A great audience octave vehicles. On. All while auto. Oven and allow the ball well we appreciate great music. And San Diego just a beautiful place to me it will most beautiful cities. In one and I'm afraid of these. To the public schools aren't here so it's you know I'll have now become an eagle. But calming you can do what we want to do it together it is it should be in that much more special. And it just so quickly. A petty and so on I. Expect I. I'd probably element to the team that we should. Since late at night here I want just at war and what about. Piggyback on what made clear that metal there's very little clay. On the Coptic. If you're our audience while he has got you know this oh great Parker and there probably won't be familiar with. And I'll just say something I want. There's going to root and it's really Parker is glee rhythm. Because ray is gonna play. Not only utility rate Parker featured on his song you know don't want from the hit. Which you're gonna really be able to experience Willie Parker the ultimate good cars who were. One of the top fashion players on record in the seventies and eighties at the record. Probably came with him at the time you wouldn't you with the Saudia. And then go off schools in non. They're great partner too as you please at that time. Of phenomenal musician there. You know he's hit maker he's making wrong he's written hit song. I'll let you know you don't really see. Another flat rate pucker. Him all the regulars out. Well. Who was Parker you're. Which. I'll let you bet you that at that point I think there are a lot of people course. Of course but where are junior recognize it in but I think there are a lot of he let it it bill. Bet that rate arbitrage talk about why am glad that you'd come that it that there are a lot of people who get up there and be obviously. Does this deal that. Pat. As for the game I think that's what people will be up big the thing about yet the creek bed is going to be great people aren't being als. Equal to see art patched. Mature cells able to you know open and that it wouldn't happen but it really that you aired out. We'll get a going to be great show marked required this Saturday 3 o'clock. Jet at creek featuring Julia ba great partner Kevin told Dominic Tony ready Callaway going to be spectacular show. And you know what we talked about at all about. It did not talk about how long you know each other and each other look you know it's cool little bit nervous that all the conversation. Especially when Ricky you talk about to work with well he wants Gordon explained to a little bit that you're on a little read it Leo how you got involved here. What's your past. Are. Art could also look at ago. We'll go. Look at this industry who got caught ours and he's probably doing that. Wears golf work. What corner where what we here in new musical you know on the greens was. Why so long between Seoul. And it comes down on a change. It's called we're streaming. Music on hard. And columns look at labels and artists champ gold can deal with coming back. Wouldn't let me cut the gap between. What you Payne said artist best. Unlocked phones that are easier. To QE2 we can look he's. Could they have mr. Martin's you can have what community get money and who completely. We can market it. What it used to be there but could apply August now they can happen. For Republicans brought to the people nickel content yet. Oh. Did you in the face that you do these we've battled addiction and opportunities. So we won't see aren't too when you see that you. Not just goes to great old soul searching here that you can make new song set. They're realize. That Jews go shall go look at artists like which actually well when you didn't agree. You still want to know that before that meeting reading war. Great artist like that it will have a common market the funding that exposure. So exciting to part of Duke's but what planet side of what. That's right that's right. I think that's up yeah I picked it up but people really pay cash to its contribution to what people think a lot of people feel even in 2000. And eighteen. People still think that make song dictate and it has its app you want it no problem. They wouldn't say thereby. Really liked to you know we're watching what you pay to these tree you that you Ukraine support our. That's what has ultimately going to concerts. You can have a new product on TV you keep this thing alive because everybody gets friendly. One can truly. And to take care so. There's always. That one that you may start to talk about but trouble torn apart working what can happen with a hi let god work I recognize there. That's right well I'll market mall and turn the conversation to comedy. Dominique again your second year coming back jet creek we're looking forward to seeing you. And I wanna ask you I know you have by the theater and seeing a career what's going all the due out audited you'd be valuable in any. New acting project on the way to speak about. Yeah. I mean. I. Well at peak at home that he. Over the last three months has been circulating in the film festival. You know it still respectable considering. And the film has lines for award and get this weekend green the film at a meet your eater here in Los Angeles. And next month the film will be. Premiering at the Edinburgh festival in Scotland ANE. A film festival in parent. So we're really excited for the army. It and and character people know that story in 1998. A nineteen year old black girl shot 23 time IR Riverside county police pop the third. Ernie would unleash the Miller. And so that moment a vertical leap from. In fired by the story and it started. At the action collide. Her last night on on our yeah. Carol would make the bill. Film called mind me money here. Nothing her car. The settlement in the heat here you know tune headset or some expert QBs and crap on but he been doing really really well. Thirteen. Yeah. A little talk about we got mental outlook is not a one dimensional like your equipment. Though we ticker Khaled we have bet that that the men and whom we give back the community. In in different ways will a written book report that I I. That Mitch and that story it's hard to Wear him like so what they'll come to go with so much when things happened. Yet Kate need to ring the bell back. Yeah. It just kind of looks forward and that's why. With a bit like he's got that these jets beat all political war we need these type in there are only is she gonna be it's. Gather in will be. If you will. He had come together that we community here so Beijing are helpless you know celebrate. Release. The hotel bar or you got him out here and gotten. Any singing and musical projects on the way are being hoopla. He can directly to the two right now. Our. Let see I'm working them out will be playing on these aren't my son after being. Which is the excitement that. That we can't or that life. Who ever look at it hey this is our. End. I. You know if you don't keep plugging. It Coker panel and arm I'll be keen. With. Another musical group or perform list. Call that era couldn't harm or local tree at. We've seen current micro throughout the act. Okay what we see everything runs its screen she went well too. At the the emotion and so we have we've got action next Wednesday at the Pacman caught Karen LA. All right we all heard the ego you know at the WOK you can get tickets for that it would go to. You know EU can well I'll call the error queen so keep. Blessing on our web site the air dot com I'm all information or tickets are. On the site. Eric when he got Dominic get it on our gimmick of that of that upload your whip but about only duck. It and then finally on any social media platform all. You'll see linked to that is well a lot showed up. In the next week. All right cool cool cool yeah lecture we will make sure we get everybody Gately everybody directed. Yes no doubt about yet we want to get some leaks that Barca will be I have to be I wanna check out I'll make people aware. While not all want to keep not too long on the road what you and do what you want it to a couple of up one at it. You know so which means you talk about it one all due date it actually that you or all of dedicate my bet you would have to weigh in go back to in 2000 that debt you have the yet Jeff Gordon. And don't you do with Gerald Albright hate. Fear. Out there who. Bet on it bad debt welcome blog about it. I let it go way out back. Grant. Song came about through. County GOP the excuse she. Oh god can you could name he had the whole series in that vehicle. It dead could be editor job. Altria with OK anyway collegial wouldn't do it. Lou wouldn't. There's a lot of them won't come while. A mob and he. Went dot com. Warm. And now it is so what. Would kill all but you know world. But I also performed about a total on that album with Hubert laws and I keyboard work. And a unwrapped what I'm sure didn't beat around that projects he came out. Alton. England revolution. You know. How well yeah. There a lot of luck with that. Yeah and to that point one without songs. On that album. I'll. And a bull Goldman and that's what you would have made it with a lot of well I'll get it yet and we had a lot of fun. Two when it. And lately die so. You like yeah I. I think it stalled. Have you seen that on board premieres all the time it. People who want to do a lot actually some cat if and I remembered it all what you all are all at that come out yet in a big bet. Talk radio a little more on that show like being. I. Popular music. And jazz. It up a so great epic a lot of people kind of on the happier outlook public so. We haven't forgot about those street why it be. Or. That would take a little while but they'll with Eagles all the people who popped all. Who get plastic. So yeah all of all time news. There yet that I've wondered what that got the great collaboration. You'll play every day right now what. I haven't read them within the continued to let go home. Counting on you look at the computer a bit. Calls. Howls of old rules or. The punitive moment. It took lawful content. It didn't have the breakaway song if you look at Goodell. Well the ball. But he also well. Dead we'll move it that you put them will. There will yet it will. Read now. I know people that but then Oak Park it on the dance floor off. I every upgrade your computer so people although right now can't leave. And I do want as you like that you know it. But people normal people big because he played one cut and use it all the background. You educate our people don't nobody eight bear boasts more what you say people don't know you don't it 00. All right well you know like you would touch on it a little bit earlier. Are you talk about who will not want a little bit about. There it is generally. Can. What economic changes that you mean in the music industry. Or. Lori keep your. Home. I thought. Well that is one. Who. Is 22 onward to work and go. It kind of like to their particular and that and that we chemical back through the gluten and he circled back. To its recent. What it's. It's just going in the group of people to see you. She could have been going it could keep computer. Looking to build. Back that. They. Went. And you know what the big thing ticket prices. Well question who do you think. And it how to cook a lot in just because the cost of living. But melodies. You can sticky protein that could be so. Extension. Of the. It was hard hard to gain that would keep coming and making it happen. Little lower. So expensive so you know so America but it's some Procter. Illinois could not that you don't want to get updated twelve country. Arch told the next Carol quicker and didn't take it to a book that you live. But building. A lot more video exposure to each election future and where you can. If you could see some new artists and directed the F becomes an artist that child while world. And we become more world market. Where artists who survived and went in Europe can. And Asia you know on the world. Which gives them to oblige. There's people world. Can we need a quick I'm. It would mean should concede. We keep a big thank you. We really. Think live performance. And arms. Forced to rely. A well. In fact. If you play hard each. Week we have to be Latin musicians you view to play music and seen. For real life gimmicks. Internet and it's so. But. Really you know that the reflects the level where. She chickened out and pick up because they rolled a few. To back track to end it breeds. Shot in the music it's not tag you can take the crown. What they won't go. And she you can BG control. Typical tree program. And you choose to stay calm I can watch television shore duty. So we looked a lot bookkeeper. Or heard much in the forefront of what scoreboard. That's right that's about. Well I. Won't word we talked about dom beacon project project that she's working on. And we are Opel. How can actually I mean this is not bought these edicts do a lot speaking. Partner at red you do a lot more. In the world field. What about. Any new project that you won't keep you but it kept people pay its. Sure I don't mention Beckett. All the good that you want to lose 00 what was which. Look at all up from the my. I. I'm working on right now and orchestral arrangements for Donald Ross she's got it how would. Vote shall come so yeah. You'll be hearing from them hiring as I'm really excited we. We need to work with who have been doing that over the last two years. Here's what my others well were. But in addition to that I don't mean she bit down you know she has no material that. She's working on language QB dropping. A new song. Somewhere or early fall to leave this here America the well what was her debut album. We must mention to dissect the when you listen I don't. Meet in the hands her debut album to opt for several years a couple of years now but it's you know you don't. You shoot them come and ask for would do in the culture because we you know she'll have a she'd be there law. My PD lucky that you might implement this material Ayers well. But in addition to that I'll. Helpful as the law. A recent book. Public Scola who put the moon you'll look at Hewitt. We used to grow a bond your relationships little rush into relationships. You know whether us merit thing you want to improve upon it. And find them. Practical and spiritual ways to my parents being married 38 years. Yeah I've got and I'll definitely is employed you can bet on. Bet you know who use super glue who loved and she. That's right through in your book it certificate but that left side. Alltel dot dot com and you don't want to bring the ball bobbing in the compromise and we all knew the Kobe bring this up. And you know we will look at what to do on the beaten to. So don't runoff will come out being said hello to you I poke holes and they. Get everybody involved. That's like everybody walk on at the VIP mounted. Actually get some merchandise. And featured everything you all grew. And what you read anything new you're working in what people pay particular attention to. Yes I've looked people who have what are what prompted. And I completely. Content that you won't put an. Who approached you commit abortion and social call Houston could depend. Really the arcane and the first thing we can destroy schools in the book from the instruments and no one of the last things to be replaced. The loans and he can bring in the spotlight to what you're yeah we want the world we pick a spot to start. We learned here and you can take to reform and the book instrument. Played singles actually mr. I consult cheeks you can get it on iTunes renounces her Kirkland where Houston and her colleagues. And no Kumar. I also remember immigrants and not welcome and you can't we proxy card could do. Can incumbent got called all the parties government parties back. And that's going to be a map gone also building your record label one. Slippery you know. I'm ancient People Magazine where we can get. In all of our great cultural things and one police. From the electric music to art you can. Let's load up create one once Buckley. Occurred what you see you'll have to be looking would you agree completion work and your conviction of a treatment and who you're which you would do. Like. And that's called green. That's going to be. A Big Three year five year project and look important continuing that with tons of music and tons of experience. The next steps that. A one open project that you know when you do things like you're allowed to Abdullah a galactic history. We feel that now on the plot. What. Think that I love is talking to Alter the day again that they I tried to get through till the what other people. Kicking your talent and not keeping Buckley on eight. While they're taking it all look up and ready because the credit brought many platforms to happen. I'm government won't. Happen toward war. Dictionary shouldn't the look. And penalties will open. We've gotten killed and because you'll. I'm. So I have to do about I have a doctor appointments that I happen to lock in and I'm so sorry have to be prematurely. But I wouldn't that they buy an important piece on pattern. Gordon BL what you say thank you don't meet joy and the refuted it have a lot of fun. Are back. Erica I know you got caught you re appear. I want again. Mr. embodied action come out it's Saturday may be sick at the creek. Arctic reply as an eager to retain that three PO. Jet decree is back to about eighteen. That your your teacher and our showcase artist Julian Bond a law with the legend B all our review ray Parker junior had been told me. Reggie can wait with special guest on meet Tony. Dubbed the long haul all this right now they'll have Reggie can't on the line. And what that got their aching wallet maybe everybody or a state that. Yeah absolutely committed by in the week we let you all do. And concurrently conform to wanna I wanna bring something special for the party so. We welcome you ought to commodity that we can be feeding off abuse beyond you couldn't let commute to a people who are presenting this can be Gregory can't. Ready to put their own 28. We are ethical envelope. Collective feeling. So well we did we go together. Will comport to lower your book back in them. See on Saturday. That we go around 430. But got to come and see everything require him actually at 3 o'clock there. See you. That's right everybody we have on the phone with the debate stopped me on the you can check out. Early it is worker music and theater work they'll work you can check her out at army all the dot com. Don't you get about ever told you can check out his latest project. Book who's. Speaking engagement toward every day because I didn't chemical and block out and make you head over to Reggie calculate that out check out what people look at the working to world beat again this Saturday yet. Greek market replied I am either. Reaching a new San Diego you'll see. You Bob ray Parker junior can't tell these red Callaway and down the only. 3 o'clock. You're there gentlemen thank you so much for.