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Sunday, November 12th

Threestyle drops by the KIFM Studio for an interview and live performance.

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Smooth jets K I FM you are listening to Saturday session my name is on the dance thank you for joining us this morning. And in the studio news morning it's a pleasure to have three style Magdalena how you doing this morning. And the ravens thanks for an answer. Robert Howard you do this morning here I'm having a school thanks very modest recovery earlier at the freestyle is in San Diego to David Obey performing at Mediterranean jazz and supper club tomorrow night 878 Claremont mesa boulevard currently the hottest spot for smooth jazz and San Diego. And I think you guys for coming in today. You guys been touring and travel a lot housing travel scheduled in the last couple weeks. That's cool reduced spec ukrainians Seal Beach. Plus sign saying and so we've been very happy as those it was sold you know consume a number of duke who came out to listen to this kind of music so we are really. Appreciate this very much and then we moved to the desert you know solo second time that we are in Palm Desert and so we did to and chest serious at the art gallery you for twenty. It was called and yes so we've been fortunate to own a Monday and was. Great great venue and we've really like to think there. A relic people look at him. Part of this or people of this kind. Those are good but yet I think about it taken Manny Mikey failing here. My my boys are doing a good business. Well again that you got to stop Mumbai like we really appreciated and all smooth jazz fans here appreciated where. John and wanna get out get on out and see you guys tomorrow night. Now this the first time you've played Mediterranean correct and address our daily show in San Diego you have been incessant series started in San Diego OK though I rule that's probably one I was wondering if this is your first performances and yeah yeah yeah. And I don't remember I remember you got lazy good for evil not as. You know I'm not even as a visitor. We never came to Sanjay you've ever knew now first time to memorize so far Celsius. OK let me officially say a San Diego native welcome to San Diego thanks you're much better really really love it through an era might be hard for you leave. Guy yeah. Cousins is already snow Gonzales. Germany laid eyes are smiling now of snow and yesterday I was in a beat in Africa and think I can see the video it is now I see it says. Pretty much winter yet. This is which we might get a little colder maybe you want to get down to around sixty degrees can. My rank and every once in awhile movement this pretty much you know he has access to that's code for us is. So how's the tour reborn as he's just been an estate or come from overseas there. Oh yeah be our only air base in Ireland Germany and partly in grace shown no country Arctic coast. And we doing there a lot of shows. You know from the gift. So Burberry is on very in this house off Germany and Munich most of your listeners who know maybe Munich October fest you know. And it's on the left side you have Austria. And then a stray known from Munich you have to Norse part of you tell me. Was a wonderful cities. You know like you're allowed a good to go out and I don't everything and we have been minutes. And more to the right side you have Switzerland's. We played there are a lot of doom dole slam doubles is a very popular. Ski area and beat Cotto standard mode of menus down. Also American bands come where often there and so a friend of Osama bass player. A James L Manning is his name he was recently he was there I was I'll make me horsemen and fire bend. Just a few days before we. Are from there for those those really funny to see you know that the guys from LA what are you doing here Africa a diplomat and all right Erica we also if you're UA it's much lower elbow you know the right. So that that's a very close so it means it's everything like human 300 kilometer. That drive so it. Europe it's a very close everything it's it's Milicic you know tranda. Let's talk about let's go back to the beginnings for a minute win how did you guys get together when did this musical journey store. You know our music engineer actually starts if they only asked wanted to play the piano at the age of six. Some of the same miles my plans hysterical assignment on my. That is the play dissects a farm and also in on our instruments on titles that have proms and if you lose some. My sister are subject. And the inaugural Barroso he played. Tom pats are used of playing him now and then. He's paying. And base. And he actually did and age of fourteen I think Fredricka editing and first decorating. That's fourteen yes it was yeah Chad. And then you know he did also kind of out of my and it just broke things that habit that reminding me off brand makes. The theater. Very quiet I think I've been and it can be he'd he had to do is still on a piece and he then transparent and to digitally. So I cannot associate. Here it's. And yeah how we did it get to there I'm from the Czech Republic Eitan and it was there amongst our aid from an about it was looking for as excellent plan for a one just cruise to earth. And it was kind of varies by then hands and I was announced to being in and drive and the in the snow it and I received a call to the Camden. To come token Ariana and so I was like and an open comparisons this thing to ever been to scan for fifteen years since teams while and all of his time the first time San Diego. Did. Senate I have been really am. Is today with dark about his tank. In seventy countries by the way movies have been the country yes. To us. To South Africa South America. You know Perry BN America. Asia wounds and examining your thousand cars in. So. It's pretty amazing in all some of those tiring and owned truck running the dead legs cut its interest in there really enjoy it then it's amazing how people and their response to a a music while on on the growth period appreciated community. Grateful for all the fans and the you know people who stand a com and to show us listen to music by cities and it's very important. I don't of people like you who suffered a zones in on my own museum radiance. Will you guys are in the right spot because San Diego historically is smooth jazz didn't want to lose you must embrace it and love smooth jazz and a bailout measure train jets up quotes you guys gonna have from a spectacular audience tomorrow and who I don't know growers produce and immigrants show respect. May go home with talk about let's talk about really quickly let's talk about your latest release moved some let's talk about that. A home miss CD release party also tomorrow night correct and right Trenton so this thing has been a monster on the charts. You know. Thanks in his later I wanna talk Cuba Koppel I picked up a couple of tracks are really like that I wanted to ask you about. But known talking about the project talked to me about smooth ride talking you know. Both philosophy of putting it together and how you feel is how about how it's done on the charts you. I think this must rise to power six all boomed so we have six all amounts. And yeah so we've been very lucky was. Last year already was the first singer would be released before we released all of whom it was a little long there. So a little long and did that too well good so it's State's fifteen months on the billboard charts so we couldn't release last year and full album. So it was kind of you know to be released just a singer and then it intended offer ready goats so it to stay very long in the charts and was almost five weeks than normal long. So we've been Rudy. Happy about this but the situation was it was not a clever move to release all of whom immediately. You know soles so long to song was really running good so we wait to talk actually UA did on 22017. In February. And finally then be released a fool of him. So when did you actually recorded. Actually recorded do so boom let's say three years yes fifteen in three years 23 years ago. So it's a long. Long a long way you know it and then wrote to Monterrey you picked up then this was the second singer who made it very go to. And we had a fortune to play it was Jimmy has slip so his. And after crate to space play around the you know so we love him really ease. The lovely person and end. Awesome play a so so really picked them. Be picked him up from the and geeks you've been in Europe from it was such a floral band right. And right after the gig we came to the show and say hello yeah and he organize everything you use really kind. So and after the show. So be dependent kidnapped him and so he also didn't know see those though and media ask my Ricoh and I say I just there are no we go leg you know. For every that is Don I know I. You know I bet amendment says you crazy are you crazy it's now we know we have jetlag and haven't but Jimmy notes of two known. I go recording now I am very excited. He's full of energy run really grand and we did this song and to get them in the middle of the nights ago. We had all have homes you know they're here in the studio but would we didn't realize that you've been all stumping. And it goes so groovy but we all stumped in the studio. Also a lot of the neighbor of the roof where it got brute force certain in the more on the fifth. Wrote what you do and I took the unprecedented negative equity and I have a love having. It is regarding the group group thing. Won't your current tour and who what other bands artists that you've been performing with. So do you mean announce tomorrow are no words just to where you've been on if you've been years old right. From the moment he everybody loved listened turns on Manning. The bass player and unfortunately this time he is so busy ruse to economically or strings Feierabend. So. Whom we have a very good place Glenn now as soon. As chair moan Rendell. And then he's been playing here I am limited channels a couple of tiny bright it was that would mark is on the gas to Israel has great guy. Those are great show you remarks. Marginal as Smart as is known as don't really know him very good Soviet blades as was just festival. In Germany and oaks Burke who told her he'd been there and be blades. They're together so that you know what it's. Very interesting. I had a princess and Emma who is drama and he's got a twin of China is now. And it as someone claims I don't know about you know I. Thicker than a dozen Darren on has its main three and brown answered that I'm Iran has you don't live. Between her and her own with a funny Cuba almost. It is this in the bag at mile and a half behind a foul ball a little wasn't me today I have. Essentially it's a good the other cities where you aboard grossly ooh yeah. An old next month. A little program regularly filled with this morning but room alone of the Google a bit it makes emotionalism my community and well moves talk about tomorrow night who who is playing with you tomorrow night mandatory. So we have amazing Cuba's plant Christopher Tryon. Q he. Play they flew together then lifting their marine you know these kids into Georgia though. He sat and maintained. Great their farmland and producers. Then we have on the base to Amman. And we have. Book that is lots and Arabic and act. She's also on the CD you know on the on the ninth to look for a minute drive like slow bleed to death as a result Cuba. I I could I ask. They're fishermen are going on amazing and she's beautiful present beautiful woman and an amazing friend to us. You know and then we have peace Williams on the drums. He's. A lot of onto Arabic get Johnson a rift. When Brennaman brown and then anal in payments are so amazing for anonymity drummer. And then of course it's been met the man on the saxophone. Robert on the phone yeah. That's it at that. Well we are here with threes though. Meg limit shall look over here Robert fertile here with us join you in the Saturday session. And we will be right back we're gonna get into your smooth jazz soundtrack Oregon come back and run talk about some individual tracks that I've been listening to the last holidays. This is smooth jazz KI FM San Diego's home for a smooth guest. Smooth jazz K I FM you are listening to the Saturday session money was on the against thank you for hanging out with those seen in the studio today my pleasure to have three style. Magdalena and Robert join us they are performing tomorrow at Mediterranean jazz and supper club 878. Claremont mesa boulevard this head on over to KI FEM dot com for more details or. You can swing by what sub Diego dot com to grab your tickets don't forget about their. Jazz and jokes happy hour beginning at. 6 PM. So. They're trained jazz supper club is the place tomorrow. It is hot spot for smooth jazz and San Diego right now among boys snapped approach to bill worked very hard to get you guys here. I'm just wanna say thank you to him for that many feel about the formula Mediterranean tomorrow. In the senate to do now. I'm. Yeah we are very excited you know it's sending as such glance. Great flank great thoughts must there and we really are excited. Cool cool well I wanna talk about a couple of tracks from the first one wanna talk about as we talked about earlier is. Like butter Mon smooth ride evolved version. Tell me a little bit about let me know what the process was for that song because that song is you threw up played in a minute song who's who. Yeah that's. If it's also a kilo a life you know life song it says clearly Diana from Poland on issues really killing and so. But I have to say it was mauled to death easy birds. When we started the song the song have this kind of a little twists. You know so it's not do you showed it to do the court change is on the four. And moments usually every change is on the warm you know maybe on the four. Las before Dejuan. But this one it's really in them at this comes on the floor. And it was a kind of a little hard for us to move in a name to create the melody around this little twist. That this tourist don't sounds like a twisted steel that sounds you know metro. Debt and reacted. That is Hitler this and on the odds amusing and I think and the that they hope they listen to give in and who didn't came out right. But LaToya went into the studio and she needed from the fur is the amount it's a CIA our own though and beyond. Our you know about staying here. Those cities you really see native from the first takes a really listen who have immediately there. So she's. Geez imagine that this very much and in her head you know. So you have an idea. From the title. And there ain't from the end engine builder around the Greeks. But she has some very strong vision in her I had already how its sounds before even. We get you know. Sometimes we do it's often very often on the phone she's driving a car in LA right Angie singing us. The hope climb off the song and everybody and why it. Africa their own everything growth you know that the cars and so but I'm on the way into the studio she was already prepared. And then. The song came out like you know who brought this in an hour you have to them everything you know so that's. The speed limit you know. Discretionary associated she's got so much inspiration and the right drive. Drive through so isolated place and it is. Beautiful song running in its not all the ground is beautiful present. Let me ask what we're we're talking about let me ask you about production device. You were on last week with will and Mikey yeah. And I heard you talk and I heard you talk about the production. You do all the production work yes we do all our production work. Merck Soviet half. Rerun recording studio actually dart to recording studios in on Muni community. In Bavaria. Was so very famous produce but not in our Shara is so it's whose name is Ryan knowledge mark. Non known as just muck but he did or. Queen record its own songs like another one bites the dust that's right all this secular songs you know he did two of three Rolling Stones albums. And early days he did to let set bullying and Electra glide to Kucera Billy Squier so he's more in in raw or Sharia you know. And moved so rerun the studio together and we have like one room aboard to be used for our approach checks on. So we put things together so good musicians around the world so everybody. I send mostly ascend I'll the most social ideas will be Aurilia. And then and the musicians at what they think what it's fifths to the song so and then we are choosing collecting. Things to death and from the demo it starts. To. You know grow up as a song turn in the I think that's a good thing we have it doesn't explode brown you know. And he such great guys Yang you. Very very sensitive and very mellow diva. He makes really strong melodies so we we really like to also to those who have to compost together with him together. You know us know him as presently in Germany getting it instead in our house was checked either. Why from Paul own fist into a couple of days and cause Soviet pick them off from that part. You know there's been the Bavarian. Though come it's cooler than that I. How do though and it's a very good so do we bring in the program soft two to bring the three songs I mean malt production wise but. Composing works you know so and get ideas together. Get that these ideas on on the tape there in that in the way that you can work from this point you can work it out. Then Tino production Lee then this thing real you know but everything starts was nine years so. Those men if you recorded on the phone Mara how are you recurrent and everything sauce was the idea. In. Response to. Around noon us here this the holidays. Be here so and is actually. The cover from green so negative it mach to very bright and early don't bring predecessor this thing's got his Christmas and LaDainian singing on it. And Chris cents try and sounds of pinkie Samantha and you know. And we did it of course we do live in smooth chest way this summer and not doing his rock way I mean this Christmas songs from Freddie Mercury. Never been like a rock it was always there and kind of for Paul Lawrie to. Though. But Pete be and we did it in the in the really nice moose jazzy way. And I think if you listen to the song you mr. Ching about the horrid if I can feel the gruesome sat Grissom is coming up. What kind of trying to put together Christmas shows that is definitely you don't get a home. Well I have to own horrific a short break and right now we're gonna get through a track that I originally talked about we're gonna get you to like body of baby. Off of the smooth ride through the vocal version on smooth JFK I FM three style lives in the studio. Smooth jazz K I F fans streaming live AK I FM dot com don't forget you can download the free app that KI FM dot com available on apple and android. And also if you have an HD radio you can find us at numbers nine B eight point one. HD two we continue with the senator session must special guest today. Magdalena and Robert from three style and as we continue our conversation. Let's talk about your next project what do you guys do win win what status are you out with that. And looted in okay. So. If we get it out or San Diego it's harder to leave a little bit you know they're left the city is really cool so and very well welcome he has so broadly Monday we going back to LA India through continued Tuesday's moral of recording there. Especially want to record another local attract Minnesota Tanya. So like by the be really left the song and for the new album. We want also to have both contracts on its own that's to have time to record the third in LA. All who we are so far we have nine songs to go so it means it's and to all of whom. Could be released next year as a 2018. In the beginning maybe February is something like this 309 songs ready. And yes a few more songs to go. This sounds good and of course you can disagree. Houses on missile for her after her. I its end. It's gonna defeat in the sand by their sentence sounds great you know be vicious and isn't it endemic and as it appeared they might get into a book is what I like you felt like too long. Elect to get our elected talked artists you know I like to. Elected just. About process so that's why ask those questions because you know working on a project and sometimes you're in the middle Libya like anatomy and tweaking and in exchange and the vacuum. You know reviews always like to get the artist's point of view well we're working hard let me ask you this would. Work. Type of things challenge you when it comes to recording to. And you know it's usually when what are the challenges that go along especially to a so much him production inventory in the record. I mean and a recording brokers. Is. You know we have among album you have ten to twelve songs. So but UConn to ten to twelve songs in three days so there's a long period. But the on the year and all the songs should be on one album and they should fit together. Sound management sound together. So that's kind of Fatah movement challenge. You have to leave the studio. Four touring so you have to travel around so then five days late day you come back was jetlag and it okay in the studio and everything sounds different. And then the as the caller. Let's start again nowhere better and I like personally I like to work on the low so the recording. Are done. Mean did you tone like in and you nuclear also DAW. The only. But I mix on not on not on the board. On a console it's an impressive sales console sold like what do you see like from the AP's or from the nineties big law and then. You know musicians have defeats only it didn't support the strings on the right side so it's at that's a kind of we work like this so I like this this kind of sounds. So I want to have this let's and a on the local mode chilled. In the recording. And in the end if all songs are recorded. And then I tried to. Feel them in to want all of whom. Sound lie is also from. You know even there is different performances different nights different days and and then so but in the end you have to snooze it together in into one album. I'm from me I can do this much more if I ever or console. A recording or mixing console in front of me. And move in real time leader and so. I am not that good with the mouse were it takes me just so long time. So you like your hands I have plans also took to the song was running you know the song you listened. And all on the fly you're testing you know in the moment. Not stopping and click was demolished there and then moved display the next way to know you you move all afraid of how we want to. That might that's a kind of old fashioned but it keeps me again that's that's the most true from me for. All pumps are working to. Say there's a man beat him any good and bad. Mixing and he spent any final hours now Lawrence. From around the cones on. I mean like they don't have TV at home you know electric department in Harris. Miller might not like and huh. It could never had to pick okay. It's these so I'm assuming an am errant error spend time in stood in and then. And do writing because that I think is one thing you know but then them producing and mixing it's. And if things. Just the next step sibling there. Difference there is no learning by doing enough to spend hours. I'm mixing amendment to the sound good tournaments is a lot of ambient concentrations can feel particularly different. Oh well. I can tell you it's from listening to smooth ride and did it. You don't thing it's an immigrant Fredricka inner Erica thing for now you got a lot Serena doing a lot of work. Let's tell her body wary confined to follow you guys where can find it fun keep up with. We have on unfazed though the cause us three studs and so our sons of management on my comical ones who. I saw on in Saddam. And YouTube preeminent. PD snoozing radios and to. Down way down to return to. And our lips say it's three dodges dot com. That's a thing of the things I go to the you'll always find this on three study suggests that day and follow that you and the upcoming day it's you know I think you're really seeing is them. And the terrible 4000 some room. I event. So remember everybody you are you're looking where you can follow three dollar just hit a three style jazz dot com you'll have access to FaceBook page YouTube page Twitter page as the graph page. And don't worry if you missed any part of this today I'm gonna mix this up tonight make it a podcast will get an update K I FM Docomo of links where you can find. Three style hair don't forget to follow effect K I FN dot com we could find us on mr. grant money mr. Graham KI FM. Dot comic fondness on FaceBook and Twitter and you can find me on. FaceBook is to grant and Twitter that amid voice now we're gonna give back into some music and I wanna talk about a track. Dad is hum off your previous album give it it is called Singapore nights that they may think it is absolutely. Spectacular. Give me some feedback on this track and how this came about. That's attract who have you know to put them. On the roads traction so we've been touring from Australia. So big Chet took just like so what I mean Soviet other you know you have eighteen Norris our assistance from years editing hours you know. So ever to hold by endless totally checklist so the whole tour from sit me. Over a bridge Spain. Hamels nine Langston opt to darling. So and then after 1015 days you know everybody feels bad a bit of and a threat and then we arrived and suddenly we are in Singapore. And DB and never before there. And it was amazing it's an amazing city. So and that's the impression of in this song. And recovery court the first impressions in the first ideas like on the phone. In. There and announce soon really done the studio they have corridor that could gain on the move by the events of some of some. Medic it is. Some cards to drug addition they have groups have been repetitive Zyuganov if the phone and all listed on the far into either. They violate we're gonna and they can stay here so does that rate it's. We came together as Singapore and act so we've been out not a whole night in Singapore and we really love that they're also in the audience is great for us for our music. So we've played dried. You know days to speak send though whole code wears two's big kill pool on the tall. You know hero and a reminds ended of info of Sunday night as well because there's so senses island is like here on and I am an aggressive on the little island. Skyline journal and on the letter and that is that mine a basins of that day infineon people on the top which has I shape of I think serve Bart mean from their from the W have a Saddam you already have the hearts forever. And that is also there months ago to you know. So many interests and thin and mean and kind of you know. Like Vietnamese era you know in name it so it was very interesting. Good thing and that's how do a song came on its own. We can't sanction is NB a kept the title of Singapore and ninth so that's right away or take a listen to that right now. When we come back room to talk more about the new album smooth ride remember three stop performing tomorrow night's Mediterranean jazz supper club 8878. Claremont mesa boulevard Vincent K I FN dot com for details or what's up Diego dot com to grab your tickets. Right now lifted Owen also. They will be performing live for us coming up in just a little bit. So right now let's get into Singapore knife your shoes off of the album get it on smooth jets K I asked him. Smooth jazz K I FM should be alive K I FM dot com this is San Diego song for smooth jazz helping you enjoy another smooth jazz weekend. On the dance here with you wanna money tonight make sure you check out the jazz tracks showcase of the absolute who has hosted by our good himself. He always share with you the newest of the new and he'll take you back in time. With his archives album spotlight and don't forget he's looking in at the top five smooth jazz tracks according to billboard dot com that suggest that showcase. Tonight from 7 PM until midnight posted by aren't good himself you can to mimic K I FN dot com. In studio with me today Magdalena and Robert from the reef style. We have been talking music and touring in the studio and all kinds of good stuff to perform and Mediterranean jet and supper club tomorrow night. Visit K I FM dot com for more details right now. It also are performances doubling the CD release party tomorrow night we're gonna talk about the smooth ride now. This is a spectacular piece of music I'm telling you it. Kept me saying on the boom on the plane ride yesterday Rivera. Academy mellowed out. Boomers talk about this we've already played only played like Broder earlier replace smooth ride earlier. Foam talk to me about the opposite tomorrow night is the CD release party. Just give me overall field would you like listeners to take away from me being special vigilance on your mind about the album. Yes I think. Especially on this all of whom is that we. We put together as so many artists you know all around the world so we have to especially in the songs moves right now you mention it. And this is rule on this in meadow is her name choose from or two ago. Foreign owned. Cup fair deal islands. Right or throw from. To the West Coast of Africa. And she's so wonderful singer as well and the perform I'd do it all boom for her. And and then you know it came to us up to move yes why you don't sing background invoke those. On this moves trying to you know Leo was here in in in the background you always his. I'm moon. You know what I'll more its you know it. Yes I love those so and told me that that's the really good thing in in the road we live in now that. It's getting close some musician artists can connect to much EC was the social media. We can. Citizens. You know we send by those even if we are 101000 tournament this apart. So week still can record there since fives back there and can work on it and send it you know we're both ways that that's. And that's the problem there really a recurring reflects XX exec in this. So all kind of amused seek. Influences. Of in the world is. Exceptionally this exec you'd do soon musicians around the front of the selloff really that's special. Collins is going to be ounce on the new album one tongue river. You also and so a slots on man's going to be there and you know on some other surprising is that and but here Pacifica. Actually in on the new Musab almost VR recording and reducing at the moment there will be used three U singer. Someone there for me it's a secret. It's 300. We'll look smooth right. Three of my favorite tracks as I've said all through the show of course like about a baby level conclusion. Love road Monterey. But also nice to be here I am not written to attract are there any tracks on this album bad. Are your favorites. But it got Morton. In a highlight elicit anything of unless like. Meant to have a wonder what is mop up tempo and put his mark. Funky lake my pick in the house than me awhile legislative the kind of let the books on oh. A smooth Fasano this is ask is Brees then we have woke up tracks we have. Go smooth so. Slow songs and yen I was because I play to soprano on tonight NASA for a plate of food and I devices associated there of these instruments. So. For example on and on nice to be their day is south of food. And Gasquet is sprees and I like us so if found Arab red face acoustic get and the jets get so. It's our say in all his defense on they have come on aren't employees jumper from the one take. Are gonna plant on New Year's Day. We have. And defend drummer as they have and Lucy Brown on on grounds in most my sister have been on the drums on one truck nice to be Jack. We have. Increased try on keys favoured it saying. On on kids through miles of me cubism anthrax. And to we have neo someone attracts. On the road to Monterrey of two minutes to live so it really great musicians and off of course James Manning now on race. It's such a way said that it Vienna a lot of international on musicians come together to play on this albums I think it's really great blend. And I'm very happy about it. Its own sounds. And I think it's good mile high whose home is interesting comparison to lose and this afternoon. Oh sure will be I'm sure will be found. So with that again tomorrow night you're CD release party and let's talk a little bit about tomorrow night. I'll look forward to checking not to show it on the San Diego isn't going to be telling you. This is going to be angry crowd he's got a they're gonna bring energy for you can move out of I look forward. Audience you know Milosevic for people who already you know Malia and give up. You know and Zhang witnesses. Feet today they immediate hit a big part of musician. Different audience to the states is selling versions yeah. So shout out began to develop chase a case snapped to pearl. And everybody had an attorney and jasmine supper club and Amanda DJ John Phillips host for tonight wanna remind everybody don't forget you guys go on stage at what time. 888 o'clock o'clock here wanna remind everybody show up early there is any jazz in jokes happy hour and 6 PM. C'mon the show. He's too self journey. Love you loosened up and and three style will be taking the stage. At 8 PM. And who's performing Lewis run on list again and who's performing with you tomorrow night. Yes of course we are firmer tone you know black. Hilliard promo code so if you will do all the new songs. On behalf on the record owns moos right Paul Bloom so we have keys Williams on drums and use amazing drama. He became our back from Atlanta you did the show was moment brown there are reasons in terms of dissident. Two lead. Then we have Christopher Troy on the queue for cures he's kinda far musical director. So he's corny maintain order. Musician and all of you don't have to leave achieved in the music Gary Meehan right. But arrivals and in the chiefs and their music but in in the program so for composing. Miley chiefs looks like who. I'm changing a lot of the things doing Brett composting. So but he brings it really in a really nice form and he is very cool in this those things again. Grist of value and a man yeah. And we have a great base pledge or moan Rendell he played already here was my present this and and he's a great guy in the really strong bass player so deaths. Third base of Tibet and you heard here tomorrow night Mediterranean jazz and supper club again 8878. Claremont mesa boulevard 8 PM. Three style. Takes the stage Magdalene and Robert will be there to rock out tomorrow night's end. Help you in the weekend indeed perfect way and coming up. As we get ready to close out our time here we have a special performance from Robert and Magdalena. Here is alive in the studio. In advance I wanna say thank you to Robert and Magdalena for joining us today this has been a spectacular experience that you guys were coming out of greatly appreciate it. And next time guys come to town that you right back well we'll be here could regenerate the move will be a new studio. But the crew will be here on smooth jazz K I FM. Think you're much thank you for having a tough course always door is always open will be right back in just a little bit with a special live studio performance. From Magdalena and Robert three style jazz right here on smooth jazz K I FM semi goes home for smooth jazz smooth Janice K I am a fan should be lively K I FN dot Communist into the Saturday session. My name is Ahmed dance in studio today in my special guests have been three style. Magdalena Joseph Flacco over and Robert fertile they are performing tomorrow night and Mediterranean jazz and sober cloak. Performance time at 8 PM don't forget about the jazz in jokes happy hour beginning at 6 PM. And also don't forget to grab their new album tomorrow night the CD release party. Smooth ride I'm telling you. Pick it up it is a beautiful piece of work you can visit three style dot com you can give all the download links you can check all the social media links. Right from there again thank you Magdalena Robert for coming to the studio today greatly appreciated and our fans do too. And right now we're about how a live performance from freestyle what are you guys gonna play for us. They don't know of Washington. Make him in my. May be a memory. This is three style on smooth jazz K I FM live in studio it's all yours. And noon moon of unknown or. Do you. And something. Good. Maybe. You then. That soon. Yeah. I'm doing. Man yeah. Even then. Even then. And me do you. Being beaten. And home. Even. The mom to me. It and you. The and then booed. And. Do. I. And yeah. More. Good afternoon. A do. Thing. And here. I. And you know. The moon and it. Have them. Moon. And them. Even when. Rule. No. Ladies and gentlemen three style right here in the smooth jazz K I FM studio again Magdalena Robert thank you so much for coming out. Greatly appreciate any less worthless thing everybody before we go. Coming up tomorrow night. We did there into the supper club in your life. Africa. Again you guys thank you so much for coming out. Everybody restyled again Mediterranean does a supper club tomorrow night this is this going to be Sunday. November 12 at 8 PM this CK I FN dot com for more details will continue now with your smooth jazz soundtrack pickle Matsui David Sanborn and Hiroshima commander and a smooth jazz can I ask him this is the Saturday session.