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Patrick At Humphreys

Patrick Yandall @Humphreys Backstage Live

See national recording jazz guitarist Patrick Yandall live!
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Ahmed Dents _ Cory Briggs

More Than A Voice Podcast: Cory Briggs

Cory Briggs Is An Environmental Lawyer And 2020 Candidate for San Diego City Attorney
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MTAV Ahmed Samantha Gambles Farr

More Than A Voice Podcast: Samantha Gambles Farr

Talking the dangers of sugar with The President of the San Diego Black Nurses Association
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MTAV Patrick Yandall

More Than A Voice Podcast: Patrick Yandall

Academy member-National recording Jazz Guitarist/producer.
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Jacqueline Penhos

More Than A Voice Podcast: Jacqueline Penhos

Hugs And Bags: San Diego Love Movement and Community Outreach
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Leah Goodwin

More Than A Voice Podcast: Leah Goodwin

Leah Goodwin is the curator of the 1619 National Celebration Of Black Women Exhibit at the Women's Museum of California in Liberty Station's Arts District
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