Smooth Life Hack

Smooth Life Hack: Home Sick?

With thanks to Sunny 98.1's Gene Knight... Do you live alone? Nobody there to run out to the store when you need it? Put together a "sick kit" for the times when you don't want to/can't go out to the store for stuff! Extra OTC pain medication, throat lozenges, nasal spray ... whatever might make...
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Smooth Life Hack: Charge Your Phone

We've been there before. Running around town, in and out of stores, and your phone is dying. Or dead. Well, be watching for these. They're new and appearing in some stores. They allow you to put your phone on a charger and lock it up while you shop. When you're ready to go, you can retrieve your...
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Smooth Life Hack: Plane Tickets Online

Shopping for plane tickets online? Make sure to delete your cookies. Prices go up if you visit a site multiple times! Deleting your cookies will erase your previous visits to the site.
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